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General Update and Itinerary

It's been almost a few weeks since I've posted, so I'd like to give a brief update on some goings-on and my

General Update and Itinerary2018-09-19T08:35:59-05:00

Studying the Book of Daniel, Part I

  We've been journeying through the Book of Daniel, and what an amazing, spectacular trip it's been! So far, we've

Studying the Book of Daniel, Part I2018-11-08T11:21:43-05:00

A New Website Design!

  This is great! I've still got a lot to learn about coding and using the pre-built template for this new website,

A New Website Design!2018-08-30T12:22:37-05:00

Message outline from Wednesday Evening

While we do try to livestream most of my preaching on our Facebook page, here is the outline that I am preparing

Message outline from Wednesday Evening2018-06-27T21:41:48-05:00

Back In Action! Again!

So it would seem that keeping up with the website is a definite area of opportunity for improvement for me! For what

Back In Action! Again!2018-08-30T08:40:29-05:00

Psalms Sermon Series so far!

It's been a while, so here's where we are at as of an hour and a half from now in our Psalms

Psalms Sermon Series so far!2018-01-03T22:36:38-05:00

Growing, growing, growing!

Why, it was only two Sundays ago that we hit an all-time high of 58 people! God is clearly prospering our church

Growing, growing, growing!2018-01-03T21:23:24-05:00

What hath God wrought!

New chairs, new carpet going in within a few weeks, new members, new visitors, new friends. God is moving like a tidal

What hath God wrought!2017-10-16T10:23:07-05:00

Aaaaand still growing…

We keep achieving new heights every week, it seems! Just last week, we had a new attendance record and the spirit was

Aaaaand still growing…2017-08-13T13:03:45-05:00

Growing, growing, growing

We are growing now in many ways. Perhaps my favorite way, however, is that of spiritual depth. The awesome folks of the

Growing, growing, growing2017-06-14T10:44:36-05:00