Not Just For Sitting

Churches were created for so much more than simply holding services and occasionally a potluck. Being a church, we are called by God to go outside of the four walls of our church and impact our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we are able to share the good news of salvation; other times, we’ll find ourselves helping someone mulch their garden or shoveling their driveway for them. We want to be so much more than “that church up on the hill with the blueberries.” We want to be the very body of Christ in our town, just as God has called us to be.


The word “evangelize” simply means to share the good news — in particular, the good news that Jesus, the Son of God, died and rose again to give life to all those who will turn to Him alone for salvation.

We believe that evangelization is the best possible outreach any church can embrace, and so you’ll see us out in the Mid-Coast area from time to time, passing out invitations to our church and sharing the Gospel at people’s doorsteps whenever we can.

Care Teams

For those who cannot help themselves, we want to step in and make a difference. There’s a lot of folks in our area who struggle with tasks that others can accomplish easily — they need help, and we want to provide it.

From shoveling snow to mowing lawns, from hooking up someone’s electronics to helping them find apartments, if we can be a help, we will. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if we can be of assistance. One of our care teams will be right over.


When Christ gave His Great Commission before going back to His Father, He told His first church to not limit their evangelization efforts to just Jerusalem, where they were already, but to go into all the world with the Gospel.

We fully believe that we are responsible to prayerfully and financially support national and foreign missionaries as a significant way for our church to fulfill our responsibility to evangelize not just our local community, but the entire world.

Family Helps

Families need help. Whether you need help with personal discipleship, Biblical instruction for the home, or just help getting a budget together, we can assist you. The core of any church — or society — is the home, and we want to strengthen yours.

So even if you never end up darkening the doorway of the Topsham Baptist Church, please give a call if your family needs help. We can be there to hold Bible studies in your home or just pray with you. We’re only a call, email, or Facebook message away.