Our Church Family

On this page, you’ll find access to our weekly meal menu, member directory, and prayer requests. Some of these links are password-protected due to the sensitive nature of publicly posting personal information and its associated risks in our present age. Thanks for understanding!

We have a church directory for the purpose of generally contacting each other, keeping tabs on each other, and knowing more about each other as far as birthdays and anniversaries and interests. Unauthorized distribution of this information in any way, to any person or organization not associated with the Topsham Baptist Church is strictly prohibited.

To access the Topsham Baptist Church family directory, please click or tap the button below.

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We’re excited to be able to offer lunch to each other as a church family, and fulfill one of the indispensable purposes of the early church: Eating together! While most people will bring a small dish or a side dish, the main course is provided by the Britt family. The only exception to this is the “Potluck” days, where everyone brings enough for their own family and others.

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We believe that we ought to be a praying church — it is another indispensable function of the church! To aid in our ability to pray for each other intelligently, we have here provided a place to post prayer requests.

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