You Are Welcome Here

For most, visiting a new church can be a fairly nervous experience! But while it’s normal to have some first-time jitters, we want to help you understand what to expect when you walk in the front doors of the Topsham Baptist Church for the first time so you’ll be completely at ease!

It seems the first question we’re often asked is, “what do I wear?” Our answer? “However you feel is right for the occasion.” Everyone has different backgrounds and preferences, so some wear a full suit and tie on Sunday, while others wear shorts and a t-shirt. What you wear isn’t nearly as important as the fact that you’re here at church!

So on a typical Sunday, our church meeting begins at 9:45 in the morning with some coffee and a light breakfast snack. These are in the back of the auditorium (we also sometimes call the auditorium the “sanctuary”); we’re not too formal here, and we’d rather someone get their coffee with a nice muffin or a donut rather than make sure the carpet stays spotless. You’ll probably be greeted by other folks as everyone arrives around this time, and you’ll also notice a small welcome station in the back of the auditorium, too, where you can pick up some visitor information if you’d like.

Feel free to eat and drink throughout our Bible Study (you might hear this being called “Sunday School”), which begins at 10:00 in the morning and goes until about 10:50 or so. Pastor Kevin Spencer is our Bible Study teacher, and he’s remarkably warm and down-to-earth with the ability to make everyone and anyone feel right at home. During this time, there is a children’s class taught by Frank and Brenda Thompson for the elementary-aged students (however, there is no set age or grade), and there is also a nursery program taught by Cindy Williams, designed to educate even the toddlers with the basic truths of God’s Word. Babies are also welcome in the nursery at this time, as well as any of our other meeting times.

The Morning Meeting, which many would recognize as the “main service,” begins at 11:00 in the morning. One of the elders of the church, Rey Caletz, opens our service with a reading from Scripture, and then the Lead Pastor, Michael Britt, will approach the pulpit to lead us in some vibrant, exciting hymns, and then give announcements. We also take up an offering, but please don’t feel obligated to give any money — we don’t pass the offering plate to “guilt-trip” people. We just want everyone to have an opportunity to give as they are led to give.

After the offering, there might be another hymn or a time of special music, and then comes the preaching. Pastor Britt will usually preach from anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour — this may seem like a long time to some, but the time passes quickly under his dynamic and often humorous preaching style.

A full nursery is available for all of our meeting times, attentively managed by Amber Britt, mother of four. You are welcomed (but not obligated) to leave your precious little ones in the nursery located immediately inside the church, just outside of the sanctuary.

Following this, we all head downstairs to eat lunch together; please feel free to stay for this! It is provided at no cost to you, and it is sure to give you an opportunity for us to know you better and for you to know us better.

Lastly, we then have a time known as the Afternoon Devotion. Sometimes we go back upstairs, but most of the time we stay right around the tables, enjoying food and fellowship as we receive a final word of encouragement or exhortation from the Word of God. Pastor Britt often teaches during this time, but this time is often used to give the men of the church an opportunity to share the Word of God with the church. Also during this time, we may simply have testimonies, choruses, or just reflect on the Word of God together. It’s a loosely-structured time, so that we give the Holy Spirit all the opportunity He needs to move and work among us.

A typical Wednesday meeting is more abbreviated in length, and there’s usually a more casual approach to how we dress, as most of us have worked through the day and are simply getting together at the church for a midweek “lift” from the Word of God. We assemble for the Midweek Meeting, at 6:00 in the evening and spend time together for about an hour or so. We sing a couple of hymns, and then Pastor Britt will preach an uplifting message from the Word of God.

We would love to see you for any of our meetings!

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