Last night, we had a smaller group of people. Weather, fatigue, sickness, work obligations and a host of other reasons really hindered us from having a full group of people last night for our church time. A few of the folks who are normally faithful are out of town, and more still just…weren’t there. Granted, it’s a challenge to not take it personally when so many folks are absent who probably could have come if they wanted to, so I started off the evening with a less-than-stellar attitude.

Thankfully, God’s Word repaired my heart and I am, instead, THANKFUL for a good night here at the Topsham Baptist Church. We learned from Psalm 17 about calling out to God instead of just taking His promises for granted. We also learned about “Fat Cats” (those described in the latter half of the passage as being enclosed in their fatness and crouched low like a lion), and we learned about those who find their treasure in abiding in the presence of God verses those who set their affections on things of earth. It was a great correlation with our other series, “Complete in Him,” in Colossians.

Thanks to those who chose to be faithful. It’s come pretty close at times to me preaching to some empty pews, but you’re always there to make sure there’s some folks present which whom I can fellowship, sing, and share the Word of God. Anyhow, here’s the link to our study in the book of Psalms so far:

Psalms Sermon Series 17