Our Purpose

Our purpose is to honor God and help people; we acknowledge that to do this, we are to lovingly engage our society, boldly confront sin, and fervently evangelize others, just like Jesus did. You can read more about our purpose here.

What We Believe

Simply put, we believe the Bible. The Word of God has been sufficient for thousands of years and rises infinitely above any words of man’s wisdom. It is superior to all the dogmas, confessions, and creeds of men and will last eternally, as God has promised. We believe the plain teachings of the Bible which, when unfettered from the mitigations and frustrations of man’s wrestings, hold the words of eternal life for all who will believe on Jesus Christ for salvation.

You can read more about what we believe here.

Pastoral Team

Michael Britt
Michael BrittPastor
Pastor Michael Britt with his wife, Amber, and children (from left to right): Barry Oliver, Anastasia Elizabeth, Arabella Evangeline, and Trygve Abraham.
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Kevin Spencer
Kevin SpencerAssociate Pastor
Pastor Kevin Spencer with his wife, Mika. The Spencers also have four children: Tierra, Chris, Joshua, and Jaelyn.
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